Central Park Photography

Snowstorm in Central Park - The Pond & Gapstow Bridge

Black & White photo of Central Park during a Snowstorm - New York City - Panoramic

Snowstorm in Central Park - The Pond & Gapstow Bridge

There is always something special about Central Park in the thick of a snowstorm.

Anyone venturing out when it is snowing will find a peaceful haven, away from New York City's usual hustle and bustle: a magic moment!

On this Black & White photograph, I tried to convey this ethereal moment, when the snow and the fog slowly cover the Pond and Gapstow Bridge, while Manhattan skyscrapers in the distance become but faint silhouettes.

Next time you are in the Big Apple in the winter, you owe yourself a little visit to Central Park during a snowfall!


Main subject:

Snowstorm in Central Park near The Pond and Gapstow Bridge.


Central Park, New York, USA


40°45'59" N 73°58'26" W


Horizontal Panoramic - 6 images stitched together (size: 8,995 x 5,103 pixels / 46 megapixels)


Canon 1Ds, Canon EF24-70mm F/2.8L IS II Lens at 24mm