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Frozen Hudson River and NYC old pier pilings - January 2014

Frozen Hudson River, Jersey City

Frozen Hudson River and NYC old pier pilings, looking towards Jersey City - January 2014

It was dusk on January 24th, 2014, a cold front had impacted New York area for a couple of days and Hudson River was almost completely frozen. Only a narrow passage was cleared for passenger boats, tugboats and water taxis so they could navigate freely.

The sun had set between the towers of downtown Jersey City near the Goldman Sachs & Co tower, and was illuminating the horizon in bright orange and red. The deep blue sky reflected on Hudson River and enhanced the pattern formation of the ice. The old pier wood pilings sticking out of the thick ice cover only added to this memorable frosty setting.

This photograph was taken from the NYC side of the Hudson, near the Financial District.


Main subject:

Frozen Hudson River and old pier wood pilings with view of downtown Jersey City


Hudson River, Downtown Jersey City and Lower Manhattan, New York


40°43'16.17"N 74° 1'21.10"W


Horizontal Panoramic - 4 images stitched together - (size 7,024 x 4.378 pixels / 30 megapixels)


Lens: Canon 1Ds MarkIII, Canon EF24-70 f/2.8L II lens at 35mm



0 # laura 02-22-2015
Awesome photo
Francois Roux
0 # Francois Roux 02-26-2015
Thank you Laura for your kind words!
It is always amazing when the Hudson River freezes. I try to do something different each time on location. This year, I tried to capture it using a long exposure while under snowfall and fog.
Thanks again.