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Citigroup Center (formerly Citicorp Center) Black & White

Black & White photo of the Citicorp Center at 601 Lexington Avenue - NYC

Citigroup Center (formerly Citicorp Center) Black & White

The Citigroup Center (also known as Citicorp Center or 601 Lexington Avenue) is one of the 10 tallest skyscrapers in Manhattan and was designed by architect Hugh Stubbins. It is a 915 feet high tower that was completed in 1977.

It is easily recognizable thanks to its architecture and slanted roof. Initially, the 45-degree angle roof was designed to accommodate a solar panel. Had the project not been abandoned, the building would have been one of the first 'green' skyscrapers in the world.

I have often included the Citicorp in my panoramic views of Manhattan and New York City, but have always wanted to give it its own place, by itself, standing tall and strong. This image is a view of Citigroup Center's base and its cut-away corners, looking up from Lexington Avenue on a rainy day where the light reflections give the Black & White version its luminosity and tonality.


Main subject:

Citigroup Building (Citicorp Center) in Midtown Manhattan. Black & White.


Midtown, 601 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY, USA


40°45'31" N 73°58'14" W


Canon 1Ds MarkIII, Canon EF24-70 F/2.8L IS II lens at 24mm



Terry W.
0 # Terry W. 11-06-2014
This photo is awesome. Great grey tones.
Francois Roux
+1 # Francois Roux 11-06-2014
Thank you Terry for your kind words!
Carl Gleason
+2 # Carl Gleason 11-06-2014
Your utilization of light, depth of field and symmetry in this picture is spectacular !
Francois Roux
0 # Francois Roux 11-06-2014
Thank you Carl!
I wanted to photograph the Citigroup Center skyscraper by itself for some time but never really found the right angle or atmosphere.
That day, all the conditions were almost right (it is never perfect with me!). I think what attracted me the most was the light. The rain and fog softened the light.
Thanks again, Carl. I appreciate your comments.