Animal Photography

Majestic male lion, Bronx Zoo

Male lion gazing straight at you - Bronx Zoo

Majestic male lion, Bronx Zoo

This photo shows a lion's impressive and riveting gaze as it is staring at you. It is an adult male lion taken at the Bronx Zoo. A male lion is distinguishable from other big cats and felines by its mane and is a symbol of majesty and strength, which is probably why we usually say it is the king of beasts.


Main subject:

Lion at the Bronx Zoo.


Bronx Zoo, New York City, USA


40°50'49.64"N 73°52'40.47"W


Canon 1Ds MarkIII, Canon EF600 f/4L IS II lens with Canon 1.4.x Extender at 840mm


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