Majestic Sainte Chapelle - Paris - Upper Chapel

Sainte Chapelle, Paris. Photo of the upper chapel's nave and its impressive stained glass artwork.

Majestic Sainte Chapelle - Paris - Upper Chapel

Paris is a beautiful city and truly deserves to be called the "City of Light". Almost anywhere you go, there is something to photograph and discover. Monuments, architecture, vistas and more.

And sometimes, you find yourself in front of something that is just unique, both magical and moving.

This is the case with Sainte Chapelle (Holy Chapel) on Ile de la Cite, right in the heart of Paris.

Sainte Chapelle is an intimate religious landmark, where every detail counts, from the floor, to the exquisite stained glass artwork, to the golden stars that adorn the upper chapel's impressive azure vaulted ceiling.
Also, as Sainte Chapelle was commissioned by the highly devout Louis IX of France (more commonly known as Saint Louis), the fleur-de-lis, symbol of the French monarchy, is ever-present on the chapel's columns and walls.
It is a magnificent representation of the Rayonnant period of French Gothic architecture.

Compared with other churches and cathedrals, the nave of Sainte Chapelle extremely luminous, thanks to the height and size of the stained glass windows. It almost glows in pink and blue, thus complementing perfectly the golden decorations.

A real marvel to the eye.


Main subject:

Sainte Chapelle nave and adornments - Stained glass artwork - Paris


Ile de la Cite, 4th arrondissement, Paris, France


48°51'19" N 2°20'43" E


Sony A7R, Canon EF16-35 F/4L IS Lens