Montparnasse Tower - Vertical Paris

Black & White photo of Vertical Paris - Montparnasse Tower

Montparnasse Tower - Vertical Paris - Black & White

Montparnasse Tower was for a long time the tallest skyscraper in France. This is why I like to call this image "Vertical Paris". Its architecture contrasts not only with the surrounding buildings but also with most of Paris.

The tower is 686 feet tall and was designed by three architects, Eugène Beaudouin, Urbain Cassan and Louis Hoym de Marien. It is located in the 15th arrondissement.

This is a slightly different view from a more symmetrical Montparnasse Tower image I took just minutes before. The sky was already changing and becoming lighter, but still, it creates a lot of reflections on the glass windows of the tower.


Main subject:

Montparnasse Tower in Black & White.


Paris, Montparnasse,15th arrondissement, France


48°50'31" N 2°19'15" E


Canon 1Ds MarkIII, Canon EF24-70mm F/2.8L II Lens at 24mm